Anne Lièvre
Wiedensahl, Germany

Following you Tuhin and your son on social media is following a story of deep love, friendship and trust. A story of great adventures and experiences. A story of joy of living and happiness. Even though we live on two different continents, I feel so connected to you. Thank you both for the light and inspiration you brought into my life!

Rini Sinha Ghosh
Mumbai, India

Little did I know about when I first saw you through your dad's post but something that I could see through your eyes "CURIOSITY". Over weeks, months and years you have grown to be someone very close to my heart. I follow you as I always think that you are someone who is wise and away from the worldly feelings of jealousy and greed. I have seen you from a pup to a responsible boy who shares no hard feelings for anyone. Your life is a story of transition. You are always leaving one chapter behind while moving on to the next.

You have given a meaning to many of our lives and something that I have truly learnt from you is never give up. Each of your travels around has been full of experiences and I am sure you would like to sketch them on the canvas which very few can read. I am fortunate that I can read it. My dear Panther I don't know when but I am sure I will consider myself to be lucky if I get a chance to meet you.